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Dear Iluska,

I miss you very much... it is not good to return to the chaos where nothing is unequivocal but everything is full with obstacles and difficult. I always feel tired which did not occur to me in the former 5 days. Somehow I cannot find my place. I miss the love which is present in your community, that attitude, attention and identity which does not allow people to be drifted to the „Separated” level of Barometry; that honesty what we can take on because its reward is recognition and understanding, may it appear to be unacceptable in the hypocritical „traditional” philosophy forged from artificial moralities.

I feel a little bit as if the plane landed with me on Ferihegy 1 airport coming bach from a fine and long travel; the airport is desolate and gloomy but familiar of course, still I wish I stayed away... The excitement of the days spent on the journey is in my soul, but in vain, I pull my luggage with pain in my heart. The officer at the passport examination looks at my face bathed in tears and asks „where were you?” I answer „on the most beautiful place all over the world”. I see he does not understand me, „you don’t look to be happy” he mutters, „you could cry at home, too”.

This is almost true. But there is a difference between crying and crying, there are many hues. You know it best, to whom people go to cry, because they can get rid of their burdens, eased, with the feeling of new recognition. What a difference between the two kinds of losses! The tears of the fears from the present and the future, the tears of pains and defeatism are so different. They bear themselves in pains through the tear-duct, every millimeter can be felt. Where is this pain from? Where are these pains from the abyss which cannot be understood by an onlooker? Sometimes I myself don’t understand. The only thing I can think is the pain is not from these 40 years...

I believe as I reach the advanced level I will understand this in its whole complexity. I hope nothing will impede me in it.

Yours with love

Gabriella Széki

Hi Susan,

Szia Zsuzsa

What a wonderful idea.

Milyen csodás ötlet.

Iluska is very fortunate in having you for a friend.

Iluska nagyon szerencsés, hogy te a a barátja vagy.

I'm not sure what advice I could offer, but maybe you could say something like this:

Nem vagyok biztos abban, milyen tanácsot is adhatnék, de talán valami ilyesmit mondj:

"Congratulations, Iluska. Holding a copy of your first book is the most wonderful feeling in the world, and I'm delighted you've experienced it.

Gratulálunk Iluska. Első könyvednek a példányát a kezedben tartani a világon a legcsodálatosabb dolog - és én nagyon büszke vagyok, hogy ezt te megtapasztaltad.

I know you'll be writing many more books, so you'll be recapturing that feeling many times in the future.

Tudom, hogy még sok-sok könyvet fogsz írni, és ílymódon te még újra átéled majd ezt az érzést a jövőben.

I hope this book is a huge success, and motivates you to write many more, as you have so much to offer. Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us."

Bízom benne, hogy a könyv hatalmas siker lesz ami arra ösztönöz, hogy még többet és többet írj, hiszen olyan sok van, amit átadhatsz. Köszönjük, hogy megosztottad Önmagad velünk mindannyiunkkal-

I'll be thinking of you all on the 31st. Thank you for letting me be a small part of it.

Gondolni fogok rátok mindannyiótokra 31-én. Köszönöm, hogy megengedtétek, hogy egy nekem is lehessen egy pici részem ebben.

Warmest wishes,

Richard Webster

A legforróbb üdvözlettel


Hi Iluska,

I have read your book at the weekend after the presentation of your book, it was very interesting, and I’m going to write you my thoughts what I wanted to write that time but too many things came in between.

Congratulations to your „works” and achievements, thank you for I could get a little bit part of it. I appreciate you very muchfor your knowledge, your way, your mission, and I wish you keep your light, energy, love so that you could give much from them for a very long time and to accomplish your task and mission. I wish you to have patience to our complaints and problems.

Thank you for everything.

Hi, dear Iluska,
I have just completed reading your book. I am so glad for that you have written this book. I think one can learn very much from the cases told in it, I think I could anyway.

And at certain parts I laughed a lot

The only „problem” is that I should learn to my exams but somehow I felt your book to be more important and I neglected the learning.

But I always pass my exams .

The other thing is that it’s difficult to read in the Forehead/Nape position, though it occurred with me 3 times. My hands on my head, my legs in acrobatic positions, to manage to keepthe book opened. But I could read.

So much in short. Thanks for writing this book. I hope you’ll write more.

A million kisses and hugs!


Hi Iluska,

I got a sign!!!!! (in one of my astrology books, which I held long ago, I found your card which you gave me when we met first) so I don’t put off to write to you.

How are you? What reflexions did you get to your book?

Margit, my neighbor (she made those wonderful cakes) and her daughter-in-law take out your book from each other’s hands; the daughter-in-law has read your book „only” twice and that is not enough!!!!! Margit is very impatient, she wants to read it second time. So at us, in our street you are a big star.

Have a nice day, with love:


Szia Iluska Drága!

Hi dear Iluska,

Your book is delightful! I love it very much! I think it is the best one about kinesiology!

I’m sure congratulations showered down on you. You are super for writing this book. Congratulations again.


Szia Iluska Drága!

Élmény a könyved! Nagyon tetszik! Szerintem a „kineziológiáról” megjelent könyvek közül a legjobb!

Gondolom, hogy a megjelenés óta nem győzöd beseperni a gratulációkat. Szuper vagy, hogy ezt megírtad! Gratulálok még egyszer.

Sok puszi!


Dear Ilona Várhidi!

Having read your book, I’d like to put a question. When wll be „Three in One Concepts” courses this year?

Thanks in advance.