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What is One Brain?

A few words on Sub Rosa and Kinesiology

One Brain method is a new and unique way of treating stress and maintaining mental health. Holistic healing, the science of neurology, the activisation of the energies of the body and the results of certain original researches are combined in it. It has been forming and developing since 1972; it has been used all over in the world since 1982.

What does One Brain mean?

This naming refers to the theory of the working of the brain according to which the left and the right half of our brain govern different areas of our lives. While we are under emotional stress, we are not able to use the whole capacity of our brain. The left hemisphere of the brain switches on panic operational mode which is known as “strike or run” reaction. If we can come out of the state of emotional stress, we’ll be able to operate effectively because the logicalism of the left hemisphere of the brain and the creativity of the right hemisphere will be avaliable without blocks.

How does it work?

The techniques of One Brain consist of defining the problem, correcting it and some posterior tasks. As a first step we explore the unresolved emotional stress and the harmful automatisms in thinking which prevent us from utilizing our abilities fully. We chose the way of correction from a wide range of resolving techniques, always with the goal to remove negative stresses always in the mildest way from the body and the mind. After this, if necessary, we ask the client to further exercises as a homework.

How is the origin of the problem explored?

We use a special technique to receive feedback from the subconscious level of the person. This process is named muscle testing in Kinesiology.

What is Touch For Health?

It is a synthesis of oriental healing methods and Western medicine. It uses the knowledge of kiropractics, acupressure, the study of nutrition and kinesiology.

With maintaining the balance of the body, the spirit and the soul it serves the health of the body, the spirit and the soul. Its tool is the hand.

It resolves the blockings in the body with balancing energy. Activates the self-healing energy of the body to keep or restore health.

Health: corporal, mental and spiritual harmony.

What is Stress Release? Releasing, resolving stress

We learn the identification of the causes of the stress, their affect on our physical body, our emotions, spiritual activity and behavior.

We learn how to treat them with some very effective techniques. We have simple tools to treat compulsive behavior, fears, phobias. Each negative emotion has a positive opposite, and we can choose to use them in our everydays.

Why do all the three methods muscle testing?

Modern psychology uses a wide range of techniques to explore what happens under the surface of consciousness. These methods include dream analysis, hipnosis, associatiation exercises, tests in writing. The reason for we use muscle testing is that this is a very quick and reliable method to gain information. It provides clear answers which make further guessings, explanations and interpretations unnecessary.

How does muscle testing work?

It is based on the fact that negative feelings cause weakening of the muscles. For example, when we have to inform someone about a very bad news, we ask him or her to sit down. Hearing bad news cause weakening the muscles and the person can even fall.

What tools are required to muscle testing?

None. This is a very simple method. The testing person gently presses the lower arm of the tested person. When the person hears the question, his or her (muscle of) arm either keeps tight or weakens. This provides us very useful and exact information on the measure and the type of stress experienced by the person.

How does muscle testing provide us information from out the level of the subconscious?

This is the most wonderful and most exciting question of the method. Via muscle testing we can put questions directly to the „inner knowledge“ of the person and we can gain direct yes / no answers. This method works similarly like a defect spotting device.

I am skeptic. How is it possible that this method works?

Everyone is skeptic. We have not explored all the mechanisms operating yet. However, we know for sure that it does work, and we are amazed how exactly. Everyone must experience it personally and in operation.

Is it possible to heal physiological symptoms, illnesses with these methods?

We don‘t treat symptoms and we don‘t heal. Still we experience that several physiological symptoms definitely release or disappear, when we have resolved the ground of stress hidden deep inside.

How much time does it take to see results?

This is influenced by several factors, including the will of the person examined to take or not part of the responsibility in resolving the problems. We are pleased to see the quickest positive changes, but this process can flow only in the own individual rhythm of the person. We know, changes may be quick, when the person is ready and wants the changes actually. We just direct the processes.

Will be any of the methods effective to myself?

This is the most frequently put question. There are exact evidences for methods are the most effective to a wide range of illnesses caused by stress. Muscle testing help us also in exploring which method is the most effective for the given individual.