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Beyond Kiesiology, beyond psychology:
‘Daniel Whiteside’

It is high time to define the unique place of Three In One Method on the area of human understanding.

We are not kinesiologists and (who knows) we are NOT psychologists. Even if we have integrated the grounds of the consciousness of the full reality of human nature on these two areas.


Deriving from its definition, Kinesiology focuses on integrating the organs and the muscles of the human body. Kinesiology is the most promising step forward in “healing” in our century. The approach of Kinesiology to the human body and its knowledge on the abilities and potentialities of the body has enriched mankind. Dr. George Goodheart deserves the highest acknowledgement and respect for ths marvellous gift he gave to the entire world.

MAYBE Kinesiology practically does not diverge from other healing vocations, still their practicioners consider themselves to be representatives of an “authority, higher knowledge”, due to that training which had taken one thousand and five hundred hours which they have had to spent in the school benches for obtaining the title of “Kinesiologist”.

In the United States of America – and in numerous countries all over the world – the use of the title “Kinesiologist” is not legal if the person has not completed the official courses required to the use of this title. Three In One Facilitators are NOT “Kinesiologists” if they do not have the skills required to this qualification.

Touch for Health, Applied Physiology etc... and several other “approach forms” use the basic kinesiological model, while they make wonders with the goal to achieve marvellous positive changes in lives and wellness of millions. This is a wonderful and effective area of healing.

Gordon Stokes worked for 12 years devoted as Training Director at Touch for Health Foundation. There are very few who have more experience on the area of medicine in re-balancing of the human body. However, due to the official technical definitions, Gordon is NOT a “Kinesiologist”. Nor Daniel, just like a Facilitator of Three In One is not – except if a person completes individually the courses required to this title.

Three In One Method pays respect to Kinesiology and Applied Kinesiology – still this is NOT what Three In One Method is about. We do NOT deal with “re-balancing” the BODY which has lost its balance.


Since the first publication of Dr. Freud (The Interpretation of Dreams) in 1990, psychology had its century in which it has done an excellent work in identification and categorization of the different mental aberrations. Whenever we talk about “universialities”, we may say, psychology has changed the human consciousness. Its success is so remarkable as its existence is invaluable.

These universialities promoted human understanding in an incredible degree. Still, the success of individual psychotherapy is quite another story. Individual psychotherapy is long and boring, and its final positive effectiveness is also questionable.

Psychoterapeutists and psychologists are acknowledged specialists – officials, “authorities” – still their possibilities are limited to verbal communication and the feedback from their clients. “How do you feel about this? and What new choices will you be able to make in the future?”

Officially only psychiatrists – skilled and authorized medical specialists – are allowed to identify, diagnose and treat “mental diseases”. Still, contrary to their long training and huge knowledge, most psychiatrist think healing will be reached through medicines. “It’s here, take it...”

Too often, this leads to dependency on drugs, and the by-effects of the medicines are worse in themselves than the “mental disorder” which was intended to cure with that medicine.

Further: medical psychiatry is entitled to use lobotomy (cutting a part of the brain), electro-shocking and sterilizing as ultimate legal tools. They (psychiatry/psychology as profession) represent the “highest power”.


One should see that Three In One method is entirely different and unique in its kind on the area of human understanding and correcting the energy balance of the body. It cannot be compared to Kinesiology, nor to psychology. It is beyond Kinesiology and psychology.

“Three In One focuses on the unification of Body, Soul and Spirit. In order to promote the integration of the body we use different kinesiology-centered corrections to releasing blocked energies. To promote the integration of the mind we use Behavioral Barometer. To promote the unification of spirit we use Structure / Function approach.”

No other approach to knowing ourselves unifies this triple consciousness. In psychology there is no muscle testing with the help of which we could avoid Concious / Subconscious consciousness. Further, it does not use the Behavioral Barometer with which it could identify the true desires nd fears of the individual need. It does not focus on and it is not able to focus reliably on corregression as Three In One Method. Further, it does not include (or does not use) such stress resolving methods like we use in Resolving, Loading and Future progression.

Three In One „goes beyond“ any other physical, metaphysical or parapsychological approaches used in our days.

Three In One Facilitators (trainers, assistants): Understand the uniqueness of our work! In your training with us you perform muscle testing in order to find the matters of the client, while you tested ...

The Barometer......The Structure/Function......You performed Corregression....resolving, loading and future progression....or you examined the new choices, the first speech and changed behavior forms of the individual...

Our Facilitators are not „authorities“ for only the individual has power on him/herself.

We concentrate on resolving the Negative Emotional Loads which block the free choice, and we help people in accomplishing the future most desired by them. This is what we do – we help and facilitate accomplishing the positive change desired.

The individual is the only authority in his/her own development.

In other words, in your work you – as Three In One Facilitator – hold the future of the client in your „hands“.

APPRECIATE this gift which is given to you by Three In One, at the same time APPRECIATE the absolute uniqueness of the gift that you can give to others.

PASS THIS GIFT with the sincere, from the heart coming trust of the co-authors of Three In One: Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside.