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Whom should we like to help?

To those who:

  • have difficulties in learning maybe even in adult ages (courses, learning foreign languages etc.)

  • do not know their existing abilities (what shall I be when I’ll grow up? And if I’m already an adult?)

  • suffer from anxiety when speaking before public (reciting the lesson, giving a lecture, stage fever, expressing an opinion etc.)

  • feel depressed without any reasons

  • cannot overcome their pains (mental or physical)

  • cannot behave cool in company (do not like to go among people, and are lonely therefore)

  • don‘t like crowds and don‘t like to stand in line (do you feel three people are already a crowd?)

  • have problems with traffic (on sidewalks, in cars, on the bus, streetcar, ship, airplane, meadows, forest...)

  • would love to be loved

  • want to become equal and more self confident

  • want a change in the quality of their social connections (woman-man, parent-child, husband-wife, brother, boss-employed etc.)

  • would like to create harmony with themselves, with their family, workplace, broader environ

  • are „allergic“ to their environment or anything (hemp, cats‘ hair, sunshine, milk, flour, boss etc.)